We perform transfers of any variety. The most common is the face-to-face handgun transfer, mandated by Pennsylvania law to occur only through a licensed gun shop. We will also perform transfers for any firearm purchased online, including long guns, hand guns, and NFA items. We will also work to accommodate face-to-face transfers to PA residents from out of state residents. And if you've sold your firearm online, we will be happy to handle packing and shipping for you.
$45.00* (see below)
Outbound Transfers

The following policy applies only to outbound shipments. Our normal FFL transfer fee for inbound transfers (items bought from online gun shops) remains unchanged.

The outbound transfer rate is $45 per firearm plus shipping. For most handguns, this will be the current USPS Medium Flat Rate Box rate. For firearms that do not fit in a medium flat rate box, shipping will be estimated based on the USPS online shipping calculator.

Customer is responsible for any documentation that may be required by the receiving shop to match the gun with the intended recipient. Verona Gun Safe will not print, write, or otherwise provide any information other than a copy of our FFL.

Customer is also responsible for obtaining a copy of the receiving shop’s FFL. We will not contact other gun shops. You can either email us a copy of the receiving FFL, present us with a physical copy for our records, or direct the receiving shop to email their FFL to us. If the receiving shop publishes their FFL on their public website in the same manner that we do, we will be happy to click a link to download and print it.

We will provide a tracking number to the person who contracts us for the transfer. We will NOT provide tracking information to the receiving shop, the receiving individual, or any other third party.

Shipping to ban states is at our sole discretion. Shipments to California are double the calculated pre-sales-tax total: ( transfer fee + shipping ) * 2

We will not ship ammunition under any circumstances.

Please note that it is lawful for individuals to mail long guns to FFLs in other states. It is also lawful for individuals to ship handguns to FFLs via contract or common carrier. See ATF FAQ.

Cleaning can be performed on-site by any of our clerks. Cost varies with the size, complexity, and durability of the item, but a typical handgun will run about $35.00.
Special Orders
If you want an obscure firearm or one that we don't happen to have in stock, we would love to order it for you. Special orders are subject to availability.
Appraisals are offered free of charge in the shop, but the firearm must be present for this service. We will not perform appraisals or give quotes over the telephone or through email. Large collections can be appraised on site - please contact us to arrange a visit. Such appraisals will be free if the majority of the collection is sold or consigned to us within one week, but will otherwise incur a fee based on the number of items appraised.
Document Retrieval

Document retrieval services are billed at $100 per hour in 15-minute increments. Documents will be provided electronically or printed at Verona Gun Safe's discretion. Documents will only be provided to the original customer listed on the documents and only with valid ID.

Occasional receipt reprints will be done at no charge as a courtesy, but only with valid ID.