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We offer a layaway program to help customers purchase firearms. There is no extra charge for this service.

  • 60 day plan: 1/3 due on date of purchase, 1/3 due in 30 days, final 1/3 due in 60 days

Layaway plans are subject to the following terms:

  • Layaway is available on in-stock firearms only.
  • Layaway cancellation fee is 25% of the price of the firearm.
  • Layaway is not available on firearms valued at over $2000.
  • Late layaway payments are subject to a 2% per month fee starting from the original date of purchase.
  • Failure to pay in full within 30 days of the end of the layaway term results in total forfeiture of payments.

Payment by Check

Personal and business checks are accepted. State-issued identification is required and returned checks incur a $50 fee.

Background Check Denials

All firearms transactions are subject to a mandatory instant background check. Any person who fails this background check is subject to a $200.00 denial fee. Additionally, any firearm purchased in conjunction with the background check remains the property of the buyer. Since the background check denial precludes the buyer taking posession of the firearm(s), there will be several options available:

  • Return: Firearms bought from the Verona Gun Safe will be automatically returned to the shop's inventory and the purchase price, less denial fee and 25% restocking fee, will be refunded.
  • Consignment: The denied can put the firearm on consignment with the shop. When the firearm sells, the buyer will receive a percentage of the sale price and the shop will keep a small commission.
  • Challenge: The denied will be given a PICS challenge form and the Verona Gun Safe will hold the item. If the PSP overturns the denial, the denied may return and make a second attempt at the background check. Upon approval, the firearm will be released to the customer.
  • Sale: For denied transfers, the shop may make an offer to purchase the weapon from the denied.
  • Return to Seller: For denied transfers, arrangements can be made for the weapon's return. Fees may apply.


Firearms, knives, and flashlights cannot be returned, only sold to the shop used or put on consignment. Ammunition cannot be returned or consigned, only given to the shop to be destroyed. Retail items (holsters, unused cleaning kits, solvents, and oils, cases, etc.) can be returned for refund or store credit at the discretion of management.