GSL Technology Inc. Phoenix

silencer caliber 9mm

$967.00 NEW

Item #3539043

The GSL Phoenix suppressor is a full auto-rated, aircraft grade aluminum suppressor that is built to handle your favorite MP5 or Three-Lug Barrel submachine guns. “Rising Out of the Ashes” from a classic high volume design, the Phoenix is back with an incredible sound reduction of 40dB and updated baffle system. The Phoenix is a user serviceable suppressor and mounts with the HK Spec trilug mount system. GSL Phoenix is rated for 9mm PCCs, and 38spc rifles, and 357 rifles, and (300blk-subsonic rounds only) The GSL Phoenix is a flexible platform that now allows for a variety of interchangeable mounting options. The trilock mount for the H&K trilug is included with the Phoenix