The Verona Gun Safe opened in August 2011 as a tiny shop nestled in the business district of Verona. Our name is a subtle nod to our origins in this tiny, felt-lined storefront. Since then we have grown and moved into the larger space next door.

We are continuously striving to modernize the gun shop experience. We love doing business over the Internet, whether special orders or transfers or sales. Astute readers will notice that it isn't possible to order products directly through the web site — this issue is on our radar and will be addressed in the future.

We hold no prejudice against any particular sub-genera within the shooting sports. From black powder and cowboy shooting to silencers and machine guns, we know it all, buy it all, and sell it all. And if we lack knowledge about a particular piece, we have numerous contacts in the industry that can fill in our knowledge gap.

Occasionally we can organize excursions for customers to join us at the range to try out uncommon firearms, typically of the NFA variety. Customers waiting on a tax stamp from the ATF find this particularly enjoyable because they can try out their new purchase without having to wait 6 months or more.