Open For Appointments Only

Earlier today, Governor Wolf declared gun dealers to be life-sustaining. This means that the Verona Gun Safe will resume operations on a limited basis.

For the foreseeable future, we will operate under the following guidelines:

  • We are available by appointment only. Appointments must be scheduled via email and will be allocated in 30-minute blocks. We will sanitize all workspaces, pens, and other items between customers.
  • Appointments are for firearms purchases and transfers only. If you have an appointment, we will also sell ammunition, accessories, and parts. We will not make appointments for parts-only or ammunition-only transactions. The reasoning behind this policy is that such transactions can be conducted online. The governor's updated mandate specifies that the only business we conduct in person is that which must be conducted in person.
  • When you email to make an appointment, please provide your name, the desired appointment date and time, and the business you wish to conduct.
  • Transfer customers must ensure that their tracking numbers indicate DELIVERED status before making an appointment.
  • If a transaction takes longer than 30 minutes (namely, due to background check delays), we will ask the customer to wait in his or her car until a response from PICS is received.
  • Given supply shortages, pistol-caliber ammunition is only available with the purchase of a firearm chambered in that caliber.
  • Appointments are for a single person only. Please do not bring spouses, family, or friends with you. This is for everyone's health and safety. We will make exceptions for young children who cannot be left unattended.
  • Do not make appointments to look at or handle firearms or to ask questions. Ask all questions via email in advance of an appointment. Appointments are for firearms transactions only.
  • We respectfully ask that customers who feel unwell, who have compromised immune systems, or who are over 65 years of age refrain from leaving home. If you have property at our shop, please reach out and we will hold it for you without penalty - this goes for transfers, layaways, repairs, or anything else. Your health and safety is more important than anything else.
  • Under no circumstances will walk-in customers be served.
  • Special orders must be arranged through email and payment must be tendered via check sent through US mail. Once the special order arrives, an appointment can be made.

We will continue to post all inventory to the website. To mitigate the spread of COVID-19, we will limit what firearms are on display in the showroom. This will allow us to track and sanitize what has been handled. Please review the website before your appointment if you intend to purchase a firearm in order to limit what must be handled and to expedite the transaction process.

posted by Alexander Corn on 03/25/2020

Government Shutdown

As most people are already aware, Governor Wolf issued a mandatory shutdown notice for most businesses effective 8 p.m. Thursday. Throughout this ordeal, the Verona Gun Safe has been determined to remain open for business until forced to close by official government action. That time has come. On advice from our counsel, Eric Jackson Lurie, Esq., we are suspending retail operations ahead of State enforcement action and in compliance with the governor's notice.

The decision to close has been a difficult one, but supporting factors (aside from government mandate) include customer health and safety, dwindling firearm inventory, depleted ammunition stocks, and supply chain delays.

We will monitor the situation closely to determine how to accept shipments in the coming days and weeks. If we learn that firearm sales and transfers can be lawfully conducted by appointment, we will do so. We will accommodate layaways affected by this closure, and we do not anticipate a need to adjust our one-year pickup policy.

While the physical showroom is closed and all business is temporarily on hold, we will be checking and replying to email on a continuous basis. If first-time buyers have any questions about their new guns, please reach out. If you are in need of assistance of any kind, firearm related or not, please reach out. We will do our best to help our community in any way possible as we navigate this unprecedented state of affairs.

Please watch this space daily for updates.

posted by Alexander Corn on 03/20/2020